Lastly, we include the important part of risks and contingencies. Moving on to the resource and task planning, we define the roles along with schedule of tasks. We also need to include any specific environmental needs to set up the test environment.

Nonfunctional testing such as stress, performance or logical database currently will not be tested. Wang, “Research on ride comfort analysis and hierarchical optimization of heavy vehicles with coupled nonlinear dynamics of suspension,” Measurement, vol. The PSD of the dynamic tire deflection before and after optimization is shown in Figure 24. It can be seen that the frequency of the peak has shifted, and the power spectral density of the peak has been significantly reduced. PSD of dynamic tire deflection with frequency before and after the optimization. Understanding Bug Life Cycle in Software Testing In-depth learning about the bug life cycle can improve the testing process and ensure you launch bug…

Step Analyze the product

Figure 10 shows the relationship of the body acceleration of the testing platform vehicle over time. From the curve, it can be seen that the range of the body acceleration of the test platform car is −7 to 7 m/s2, which is much higher than the body acceleration value of the passenger vehicle. The reason is that the type of suspension mentioned in the article needs to ensure that the car has a low body height when there is no load. Therefore, greater suspension stiffness is required, which is also a unique feature of this suspension.

Include the list of test deliverables in your test plan document. Test deliverables might include test plan document, test cases, issues report, and performance report. For each feature to be tested, define the references of requirement with requirements ID so that the quality assurance team can refer to it. Describe any special consideration or details about the particular feature, if required.

suspension criteria and resumption requirements in

Creating a test plan ID is convenient for a QA team since it helps keep all projects and documentation in order. Quality assurance shouldn’t be regarded as an expensive and time-consuming process. Read our post about the best approaches to reduce the cost of software product testing. The testing process can be limited by the defects in the build. Regardless of the type, you can create a Test Plan without using any specific tools.

suspension criteria in testing

Understand what a test suite is in software testing and learn how to create a test case specificatio… Then, create a schedule to complete these tasks in the designated time with a specific amount of effort. This part of test planning decides the project’s required measure of resources .

Step 2. Create Test Logistics

And and refer to RMS of displacement of the vehicle body and dynamic tire deflection, respectively. This paper proposes a unique suspension construction for ultralow-chassis testing platforms. In addition to good maneuverability, the innovative ultralow-chassis testing platform vehicle employs a unique suspension system, which enhances the overload protection of the system. This unique “foldable arm suspension” structure is simple and does not require any additional power devices to ensure overload protection of the suspension. This is particularly important for the scene of the ultralow-chassis testing platform vehicle. It is important to understand that if a defect is detected at a point after which the testing shall resume proves to be of no use, then applying the resources on testing will be futile.

suspension criteria in testing

You should provide your QA team with a list of features prioritized according to their importance. As a result, the QA team can start testing the most important features to reduce the time to market. The test strategy is about the way a QA team will test a product.

Re-Planning Testing Activities :

However, GVT is not powered and cannot conduct dynamic real-vehicle testing alone, so a low-chassis testing platform vehicle must be used to carry it. During the test, a low-chassis vehicle similar to the low-profile robotic vehicle is needed. The application scenario of the testing platform vehicle is shown in Figure 2. This method of using a low chassis to carry a testing target vehicle has become the mainstream of current research because of its higher maneuverability. Aiming at the driving method of this low-chassis testing platform vehicle, Zhang et al. used a timing belt method to drive the driving wheel and the driven wheel, thereby moving the testing platform vehicle . Given the shortcomings of LPRV without suspension, some scholars have studied its overload protection.

The list can be expanded or shortened depending on a task or type of testing. For the design and development of hydropneumatic suspension systems, testing is essential throughout the whole development process. Your testing approach may combine more than one testing technique such as exploratory testing, functional testing, regression testing, user interface testing, component testing, integration testing, penetration testing.

Operational Risks

Software needs include the operating system specifications such as Windows, Mac, Linux or Android. There can be further detail of version for the operating system. If you are testing a web application, you need to list down the browsers in your test plan on which you will perform the testing. You might also need extra hardware for requirements where you might need to simulate the load of concurrent users. Specify the tools and required human resource to perform the testing activity.

  • And installation position parameter are brought into the Simulink mathematical model, and the following simulation results are obtained.
  • For the multiobjective optimization problem, predecessors have done a lot of research.
  • In general, this section summarizes the needs for testing hardware.
  • The RMS value of the displacement of the vehicle body is 3.12 mm.

A Test Plan has a clearly defined structure established by the IEEE 829 – the industry standard for software and system documentation. Thus, you can prepare a template and use it for every project, filling it with specific data. Then, we define a list of features that should be tested and the features that should not be tested, along with success criteria. This enables us to scheme a detailed testing approach for the identified features to be tested.

Stability Testing

For example, Huang et al. used the cylinder-driven suspension system to achieve the lifting of the wheels to reduce the damage to the wheels in the collision of the testing platform vehicle . To protect the wheels, Li et al. chose the structure of universal joints and shock absorbers to achieve overload protection . These methods can protect the wheels but introduce new structures and increase the complexity of the system. Before proceeding to the definitions and explanation, we’d like to explain one more important term from the QA field – a test artifact. Test artifacts are by-products generated during the software testing process and shared with the project team. Simply put, these are documents that bridge the communication gap between all the members.

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